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The Connell Stamp
A history of the scandal and the stamp from the Royal Philatelic Society of Canada.
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Debbie Fisher Kalmbach's inspiring book on embracing hope in an imperfect marriage
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Ned Fisher remembers the last days of the war in Europe.
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John Fisher reports for the CBC on conditions in postwar Europe, 1948 (CBC archives).
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Signature of Michael Fisher 1720-1802 of Ramapo, New Jersey, on his last and will and testament.  Credit: New Jersey Archives
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This site is devoted to the history of Lewis Fisher and Mary Barbara Till of Fredericton and their descendants. We have spread from Fredericton, New Brunswick, 1783, to all corners of the continent: Nova Scotia, Florida, California, and Yukon. Explore your family history here!

On this day in family history...

19 May 1860
Charles Connell resigned as Postmaster General due to the furor over his own image appearing on an issue of New Brunswick stamps instead of the Queen. For more, see the story under features to the left.

Family News

22 July 2011
Did you know there was a Fisher Mountain? Named after our ancestor Peter Fisher (1782-1848), it is situated in the "Historians Range" in northern New Brunswick, named after early New Brunswick historians. The following web sites have information on Mount Fisher: the official gazetteer at Natural Resources Canada, Geonames; and these two mountaineering web sites, and

30 June 2011
George and Norma (McClenaghan) Fisher of Kemptville, Ontario celebrated their 60th anniversary on 30 June 2011! The Kemptville Advance tells their story of their life together.

1 August 2010
In election campaign mode, Michael Ignatieff visited Peter Fisher House at Kings Landing historical site to reflect on his Fisher family heritage, New Brunswick roots, and drum up some votes. See the story and pictures on the Liberal party web site.

6 May 2010
Valda Fisher and Mary McOuat served Canada in the WRCNS during the Second World War. Read about their wartime experiences in this story in the Sackville Tribune Post.

12 July 2009
Sir George Parkin (did you know we had a knight in our family?) was married to Annie Connell Fisher. One of the most famous Canadians of his day, Parkin is the subject of a new book by William Christian. Read Terry Cook's superb review on History Wire, or even buy the book!

6 June 2009
Neil Fisher (known to some as "Uncle Neil") was honoured recently for his volunteer work by the town of Truro: Fisher's volunteer efforts. This follows the creation of a scholarship in his honour last year at Acadia University, endowed by a former student of Neil's.

9 May 2009
Michael Ignatieff, the new Liberal leader, is related to the Fishers through his mother's family the Grants. His new book, True Patriot Love, tells the story of the Grants and their impact on Canadian public life. The family tree with Annie Connell Fisher did not make it into The Globe and Mail's online version of the story, but you can still read it here: Portrait of a Pariot

18 March 2007
A mini-Fisher family reunion took place in Sarasota, Florida. I met my first cousins "once removed": Zoe Randolph, Lois Fontana, Diane Hetherington, and Bob Ralph! My luggage never arrived but I still had a great time in the Sarasota sun.

6 November 2006
Will a Fisher be the next the Prime Minister? Michael Ignatieff is a descendant of Lewis and Mary Barbara Fisher. Read Michael Valpy's profile of him in the Globe and Mail.

12 May 2006
Scandalous Connell stamps sell at auction for $32,000! Charles Connell was the husband of Anne Fisher. Read about the auction here and the scandal of the rare and famous Connell stamp above right.

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Missing Person?

What happened to Uncle Ted Fisher? Born George Frederick Fisher on 24 February 1900, he left Middleton, Nova Scotia in the 1920s. Last contact with him was in the Boston area in the 1950s where he would visit his mother, Sarah Fisher.

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