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Records of the Fisher family of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and New Jersey

Ramapo River 1870 Print of the Ramapo River from 1870. Lewis and Mary Barbara Fisher had lived in Ramapo, New Jersey before coming to New Brunswick as loyalists in 1783. Their eldest daughter Mary stayed behind with her grandparents when they fled and another daughter, Elizabeth, returned to this area to visit her grandparents, married there and stayed. Credit: Rob Fisher.
List of loyalists taken prisoner by Brigadier George Clinton American Brigadier General George Clinton appended this list of prisoners to the official report of his successful raid on the loyalist 4th Battalion of the New Jersey Volunteers quartered at English Neighborhood, New Jersey on the night of 19/20 December 1776. It includes one of the earliest mentions of Lewis or "Lodwick Fisher", who was taken prisoner in the raid along with his brother Peter Fisher, and brother-in-law David Bayard and sixteen others from Captain Peter Ruttan's company. Ruttan's men must have formed the advanced guard which Clinton's troops surprised at dawn after an all-night march.The brief skirmish that followed allowed the main body of the 4th New Jersey Volunteers to slip away before a detachment from Clinton's force sent for the purpose could cut off their escape. In addition to their personal effects, the list tells us their place of residence. All of these men are listed as prisoners of the enemy in the muster roll of the 4th New Jersey Volunteers dated 18 November 1777. Credit: The Public Papers of George Clinton (Albany, NY: New York State Government, 1899).
List of loyalists taken prisoner by Brigadier George Clinton, 20 Dec 1776
List of loyalists taken prisoner by Brigadier George Clinton, 20 Dec 1776
Old Newgate Prison, Hartford, Connecticut Print of Old Newgate Prison, near Hartford, Connecticut, from the nineteenth century. It was originally a copper mine but was unprofitable so the province of Connecticut purchased it in 1774 to use the mineshafts and caves as a prison. It was quickly pressed into use by the patriots in the War of Independence to hold captured loyalists. Lewis Fisher was held prisoner here in 1777 and 1778 before being released in an exchange of prisoners. Peter Fisher and David Bayard remained prisoners until the end of the war. Credit: Old New-Gate Prison Museum.
Grandmother's Story by Georgianna Fisher, page 1 The Grandmother's Story. The original manuscript by Georgianna Fisher of her recollections of conversations with her grandmother Mary Barbara (Till) Fisher about the coming of the loyalists to Fredericton in the fall of 1783. Its rustic style and lack of punctuation belie the accuracy of its contents and historical significance. It is now in the possession of Joan Golding Marien of Verdun, Quebec. Her mother, Kathleen Fisher Golding, recognized its importance and ensured its preservation. See the second page below. Credit: Joan Golding Marien.
Grandmother's Story by Georgianna Fisher, part 2
Lewis Fisher's land petition, 1792 Lewis Fisher's petition to Governor Thomas Carleton for land, dated 6 December 1792. It is the first known document in his hand with his signature. It is notable that he signs it "Lewis" instead of "Ludwig" or "Lodewick" which is how his name often appeared in the muster rolls of the New Jersey Volunteers, 1776-1783. Credit: Provincial Archives of New Brunswick.
Map of the Heddon Grant in Fredericton, 1788 This map prepared in 1960 is based on the map in Lillian Maxwell's History of Central New Brunswick. It shows the Heddon Grant of 1788 in Fredericton including the 56-acre lot 29 of which Lewis Fisher and twenty-nine others shared parts. Lewis and Mary Barbara Fisher and other veterans of the New Jersey Volunteers had settled here in 1783 and the irregular layout of the lots reflected their occupation of the land prior to the grant. The fork in the road at the bottom of the map shows where today Forest Hill Road splits off from the Lincoln Road along the Saint John River. About 1792, Lewis Fisher took up land on Forest Hill and built his home there. Credit: Joan Golding Marien.
Heddon grant of 1788 below town This map shows all of the lots of the Heddon grant of 1788 below Fredericton. The large lot 29 of which Lewis Fisher obtained a small portion is in the middle. The lots he later occupied on Forest Hill are above the "public road" shown beyond the quarry lot. Credit: Lillian M. B. Maxwell.
Map showing lots on Forest Hill, Fredericton This map was prepared in 1908 and shows the lots below the town plat of Fredericton as they were in the early to mid-nineteenth century. The two lots in the name of Charles Fisher were those originally occupied by Lewis Fisher about 1792. Charles had assumed payment of the leases for them to King's College in 1837 but Mary Barbara Fisher, her daughter Sarah, and her granddaughter Georgianna continued to live there. The present location of these lots corresponds to Woodbridge Street and Charing Crescent. Credit: University of New Brunswick Archives (photo by Elizabeth Morrison).
Aerial photo of the Forest Hill district of Fredericton This aerial photo taken in 1945 shows Forest Hill and the west end of Fredericton. The highway along the river and Forest Hill Road are clearly visible. The old lot lines are still visible, including those of the old quarry lot, and above it the lots of Benjamin Ingraham, C.J. Peters, and the two of Lewis Fisher. Compare with the lot boundaries shown in the previous map. Credit: National Air Photo Library/Flight A8229-80.
Law Book from office of Fisher & Fisher Title page of a book on landlord and tenant law from the law office of Fisher & Fisher in Fredericton, dated 29 September 1874. This is perhaps about the time G. Fred Fisher and Charles H.B. Fisher decided to build the new Fisher Building on the corner of Queen and York Streets which opened in 1877. Credit: Fred B. Fisher.
Lewis Fisher of New Maryland, account book2 Two pages from the account book of Lewis Fisher (1827-1897) of New Maryland. The accounts show his business transactions 1879-1886, including providing dry hard wood to Fisher & Fisher. Credit: Elizabeth Morrison.
Lewis Fisher of New Maryland account book1
William H. Fisher tax receipt Tax receipt of William Hamilton Fisher of New Maryland dated 3 Jan. 1897, for tax due to the County and Parish and payable to his neighbour David Haining, collector for the Parish. Credit: Carol Gay.

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