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Charles Fisher (1808-1880) of Fredericton

Charles Fisher - Musee de la Civlisation, Quebec Hon. Charles Fisher 1867Hon. Charles Fisher in 1864 and 1867, the son of Peter Fisher and Susannah Williams. Charles Fisher was the Premier of New Brunswick, 1854-1861, a Father of Confederation, and a Member of Parliament of the first House of Commons of the Dominion of Canada. First elected to the New Brunswick legislature in 1837, he led the movement for responsible government in the 1840s and 1850s which succeeded in 1854 when he became premier. He participated in the Quebec conference of 1864 on Confederation and the London conference of 1866 where he helped to frame the British North America Act, Canada's constitution. He retired from politics in 1868 to become a Judge of the Supreme Court of New Brunswick. Charles Fisher was born in 1808 and died in 1880. Credits: Musée de la civilisation, Québec/S1993-25182-012-000; Library and Archives Canada/PA-25342.
Cartes de visites of the family of the Hon. Charles FisherCarte-de-visite photographs of the family of the Hon. Charles Fisher, ca. 1865, including from left to right, his wife, the former Amelia Hatfield (1818-1890), and his daughters, Frances Amelia Fisher (1844-1905) and Jane Maria Paulette Fisher (1840-1907). Jane M. P. Fisher later married Hon. John James Fraser, Premier of New Brunswick from 1878-1882 and Lieutenant-Governor from 1893-1896. Photograph by J. H. Wilson. Credit: New Brunswick Museum/Accession #24833-24835.

Charles Connell (1810-1873) and Anne Fisher (1810-1895) of Woodstock

Charles Connell stamp, 1860Anne Fisher, the daughter of Peter Fisher and Susannah Williams, married Charles Connell in 1835, a leading merchant of Woodstock. Connell was elected to the Legislative Assembly in 1846 and became Postmaster-General in Charles Fisher's government in 1858. Connell had the audacity to substitute his own likeness for that of Queen Victoria on a new issue of five-cent stamps in 1860 and had to resign from office in the ensuing uproar. The stamps are now a rare collectors' item. The voters of Carleton County did not hold it against Connell, re-electing him in 1864, 1865, and 1866 as a supporter of Confederation, and he briefly served in the colonial cabinet as Surveyor-General. He stood for election to the first Parliament of Canada in 1867 and won Carleton County "by acclamation". Connell was acclaimed again in 1872 but died the following year. Credit: Library and Archives Canada.
Matriarchs - Connell family womenConnell family "matriarchs", most likely successive generations of Connell family women. The elder woman on the right is quite possibly Anne Fisher (1809-1895), the wife of Charles Connell. If so, then the two younger women are possibly her two unmarried daughters Ella Sophia (b. 1849) and Annabella Alice (b. 1851). They do bear a resemblance to the pictures of Ella and Alice in the book A View of Woodstock: Historic Homes of the Nineteenth Century on pages 20 and 67, though the photographs are from a distance that makes this identification less than definitive. That leaves the young girl as a mystery since neither Ella or Annabella married before their mother's death in 1895. Anne Connell did have granddaughters through her three sons. Credit: Carleton County Historical Society.

Lewis Peter Fisher (1821-1905) of Woodstock

L. P. FisherLewis Peter Fisher was the son of Peter Fisher and Susannah Williams. He studied law in the office of his older brother Charles, and was called to the bar in 1843, whereupon he removed to Woodstock to establish his own law practice. He was elected the first mayor of Woodstock in 1856 and held this office consecutively for twenty-four years. He was also appointed a Judge of Probate in 1865 and made Queen's Counsel in 1873. L. P. Fisher amassed a large fortune during his life, close to half a million dollars, and in his will he left $208,000 to establish a hospital, a public library, and two public schools in Woodstock. This ranked at the time as "the largest individual benefaction to any community in New Brunswick". He had married Mary Catherine DeMill in 1850.

Descendants of Henry Fisher (1812-1860) of Fredericton

Henry Fisher ca. 1860.jpgHenry Fisher ca. 1858. This portrait was probably taken when Henry Fisher (1812-1860) was appointed Chief Superintendent of Education in New Brunswick in 1858. Prior to this appointment he was a merchant in Fredericton. He was the son of Peter Fisher and a younger brother of the Hon. Charles Fisher above. This portrait hung in the Department of Education in Fredericton for many years. Credit: Paul Fisher.
George Frederick Fisher & family.jpgGeorge Frederick Fisher (1844-1894) of Fredericton, his second wife Bessie Eloise Addison of South Carolina, and his children Minna, Madeleine, Charles, and Henry Addison, ca. 1890. G. Fred Fisher was the Mayor of Fredericton, 1881-1884, editor of the New Brunswick Reporter, 1877-1886, and a partner in the law firm Fisher and Fisher. Credit: Dr. Robert Ellison.
Frederica Fisher 1913.jpgFrederica Fisher (1894-1986) in 1913, shortly before her marriage. The youngest daughter of George Frederick Fisher, she was born four days after his death in January 1894 and is not in the photo above. She went with her widowed mother Bessie Eloise Addison when she returned home to South Carolina later that year. She was raised in South Carolina and married John Gordon Ellison in 1914 in Millen, Georgia. She later married Judge Marcus McComb in 1949. Credit: Dr. Robert Ellison.
Madeleine, Grandpa Fisher, Dorothy in MiddletonCharles Frederick Fisher (1874-1951) of Middleton, Nova Scotia with his daughters, Madeleine Alida (1902-1975) and Dorothy Josephine (1897-1975), looking fashionable beside their home in Middleton, ca. 1918. Credit: Fred B. Fisher.
Carl Fisher & Bernice Bentley.jpgCarl Young Fisher (1901-1941) and Bernice Bentley (1900-1992) on the beach in Margaretsville, Nova Scotia, ca. 1920s. They married in 1927. Carl Fisher was the grandson of George Frederick Fisher and grandfather of the web-page author! Credit: Fred B. Fisher.
Carl, George & Madeleine Fisher.jpgCarl, Ted (Geo. Frederick), and Madeleine Fisher, ca. 1912 at the family home in Middleton, Nova Scotia. The three youngest children of Charles Frederick Fisher (1874-1951), a merchant of Middleton, and Sarah Beaumont Young (1874-1956). Credit: Fred B. Fisher.
Middleton Baseball Team, 1904.jpgMiddleton Baseball Team, 1904. Nova Scotia's most successful team that year, according to the print! Charles Frederick Fisher (1874-1951) is second from the left in the back row (seated on a lower step); Frederick E. Bentley, the manager, is holding the cash box. Credit: Fred B. Fisher.
Middleton Baseball Team, 1923.jpgMiddleton Baseball Team, 1923. They defeated Springhill to win the Nova Scotia championship, completing a run of four years in the provincial finals or semi-finals. Addison Fisher is in the back row second from the right and Carl Fisher (his brother and my grandfather) is beside him, third from the right. Credit: Fred B. Fisher.
Martha Peter Addison Dot Pat BobThe family of Charles Addison Fisher (1898-1970) and Dorothy Dibble Loane (1904-1994) of Boston, Massachusetts. From left to right: Martha, Peter, Addison, Dot, Patricia, and Robert. The occasion may be Patricia's wedding to Robert Thorburn in November 1946. Credit: Charles Robert Fisher.
Bob and Peter 1941Charles Robert Fisher (b. 1926) and Peter Bruce Fisher (1928-1993) in 1941. The sons of Addison and Dorothy Fisher of Boston. Credit: Charles Robert Fisher.
Ernest E. Brydone-Jack Jr. and Jessie Coker, wedding 1929Ernest E. Brydone-Jack Jr. (1897-1987) and Jessie L. Coker (1909-1973) on their wedding day, 1929. He was the son of Dr. Ernest Edmund Brydone-Jack and Mary Ann (Minna) Fisher, and grandson of George Frederick Fisher and Josephine Robinson. He served in the First World War with the Canadian Expeditionary Force and was wounded at the Battle of Cambrai, 9 October 1918, when a shell shattered his right leg. He later settled in Petaluma, Sonoma County, California, where he was a well-known dentist. Credit: Tami Brydone-Jack Simkins.
Dr. Edwin Bayard Fisher and familyPortrait of the family of Dr. Edwin Bayard Fisher and Annie Pickard Fowler of Marysville, New Brunswick and later Medecine Hat, Alberta. The four daughters are Marion, Constance, Helen, and Lenore. The picture dates from about 1909 when the family still lived in New Brunswick (Lenore, shown here as a baby, was born 22 September 1908). Credit: Ray Stothers.
Helen Fisher high school photoHigh school picture of Helen Bayard Fisher, daughter of Dr. Edwin Bayard Fisher and Annie Pickard Fowler. She married William Stothers. Credit: Ray Stothers.
Sisters - daughters of Dr. E. Bayard Fisher of Medicine HatThe four daughters of Dr. Edwin Bayard Fisher and Annie Pickard Fowler of Medicine Hat in 1956. Credit: Ray Stothers.
Crawford H. B. FisherCrawford H.B. Fisher (1917-1993) was a grandson of Charles H.B. Fisher of Fredericton. He served as a pilot with the Royal Canadian Air Force during the Second World War. This collage includes his photograph in uniform, his medals and service papers. Credit: Paul Fisher.

Descendants of William Fisher (1818-1899) of Fredericton and Saint John

William Fisher sketch by Ruby Best.jpgWilliam Fisher (1818-1899) as sketched by his 13 year-old granddaughter Ruth J. Best in 1899 from a photograph. He was the son of Peter Fisher and Susannah Williams. He was a merchant in Fredericton and Saint John and held the office of Indian Commissioner of the Province for a time. Credit: Library and Archives Canada/C-104567.
Charity Ann Fisher1.jpgCharity Ann French (1827-1876) ca. 1860. She married William Fisher of Fredericton in 1856 and is pictured here with her first daughter Annie Connell Fisher. Credit: Library and Archives Canada/C-81500
William & Charity Ann Fisher's daughters.jpgThe daughters of William Fisher and Charity Ann French, ca. 1875. Clockwise from the arrow, Annie Connell, Mary Louise, and Maud Emeline. Credit: Library and Archives Canada.
W. Frederick Best, 1875William Frederick Best, 25 September 1875, photograph by G. Pauli & Co., Heidelberg, Germany. W. F. Best married Maud Emeline Fisher, above, in 1881. The reverse of this photograph reads "W. Fred Best from a German point of view, Sept. 25, 1875". Another photograph of him in the same collection dated 1874, bears the inscription "This is the shadow of W. Fred Best a youth from Shediac and bound for Germany. Let us hope that he may come back a wiser and better man". Best was an analytical chemist in Saint John in the 1880s and 1890s, whose trip to Germany may have been to further his study of chemistry. Credit: Library and Archives Canada/PA-212510
George Parkin & family.jpgSir George R. Parkin, his wife Annie Connell Fisher, and their children in September 1892 in London, England. Parkin was the Headmaster of Fredericton Collegiate, 1872-1889, Principal of Upper Canada College, 1895-1902, and the first Secretary of the Rhodes Scholarship Trust, 1902-1920. He was author of the books Imperial Federation: the Problem of National Unity, Round the Empire, The Great Dominion: Studies of Canada, and The Life of Sir John A. Macdonald. Credit: Library and Archives Canada.
George Parkin and Annie Connell Fisher 1903.jpgPortrait of Sir George Parkin (1846-1922) and his wife Annie Connell Fisher (1858-1931) in London, England in October 1903. Credit: Library and Archives Canada.
George Parkin, dau., & sons-in-law, 1921.jpgSir George Parkin is pictured here in 1921 at a cottage on Lake Simcoe with one of his daughters and his sons-in-law, James M. Macdonnell and Vincent Massey. Note the young Vincent Massey, future Governor-General of Canada, squeezed in between his in-laws. Credit: Library and Archives Canada.
William Shives FisherWilliam Shives Fisher (1854-1931) of Saint John, New Brunswick, ca. 1900, son of William Fisher and Catherine Amelia Valentine. W. Shives Fisher, one of the leading industrialists of the Maritimes, established the Enterprise Foundry in 1888. At its height it employed several hundred men and women. W. Shives Fisher also served as the Commissioner-in-Charge of the Dominion Rifle Factory 1917-1920 and President of the Canadian Manufacturers' Association in 1922. Credit: Barbara Fisher.
Mabel (Shaw) FisherMabel Shaw Fisher (1860-1940) of Saint John was the daughter of Charles Steadman Shaw and Georgina Shanks, and the wife of W. Shives Fisher. Credit: George Fisher.
W. Shives and Mabel (Shaw) Fisher familyFamily portrait of William Shives and Mabel (Shaw) Fisher of Sackville and their family, ca. 1921, at their summer home in Rothesay. The back row from left to right includes Frederick Arnold Fisher, Mrs. McGee (a sister of Mabel Shaw), Charles Maurice Parkin Fisher, Dr. George S. Cameron, and W. Shives Fisher. The middle row includes William Frederick Fisher, Grandma Shaw, Nora Millicent (Wiggins) Fisher, Kathleen (Fawcett) Fisher with Mary Kathleen Fisher in her lap, Grace (Fisher) Cameron, Mabel (Shaw) Fisher, and Evelyn (Meredith) Fisher. Seated at front are Katherine Shives Fisher, Nora Mabel Fisher, George Cecil Fisher, John Wiggins Fisher, and Donald Shives Fisher with Ann M. S. Fisher in his lap. Credit: George Fisher.
Frederick Arnold Fisher of SackvilleFrederick Arnold Fisher (1882-1959) of Sackville. He succeeded his father as the President of the Enterprise Foundry in 1931 but was well-known locally as the proprietor of Frosty Hollow Farm, which he made a model farm for the introduction of new techniques in farming and stock breeding. He practiced an early form of organic farming and bred horses for show, being a fixture of the Maritime horse show circuit and covering his farm with bridle paths and trails. Credit: George Fisher.
Fred and Nora (Wiggins) Fisher familyPortrait of Frederick Arnold and Nora (Wiggins) Fisher on their 50th anniversary, 9 January 1958, and family. The back row includes from left to right John Harvey Tapley, George Cecil Fisher, John Wiggins Fisher, Marjorie (Belding) Fisher, William Frederick Fisher, Peter Fisher Tapley, Harry R. Tamplet, and John Estabrooks Tapley. Those seated from left to right are Nora Mabel (Fisher) Tapley, Norma (McClenaghan) Fisher, Nora Millicent (Wiggins) Fisher, Frederick Arnold Fisher, Katherine Shives (Fisher) Tamplet, and Nora Margaret Tapley. The three young children being held in laps, from left to right, are Margaret Ann Fisher, Katherine Elizabeth Tapley, and Robert William Fisher. Credit: George Fisher.
Fred and Nora (Wiggins) Fisher family of SackvilleAnother portrait of the Frederick and Nora (Wiggins) Fisher family of Sackville, but featuring just the immediate family members including the three sons in the back (George, John, and William) and the parents and daughters in the front row (Nora, Mother, Father, and Katherine). Credit: George Fisher.
George Fisher in the RCNGeorge Cecil Fisher in 1944 as a seaman in the Royal Canadian Navy during the Second World War. He served in the destroyer HMCS Assiniboine and other ships and by the end of the war was a commissioned officer. Credit: George Fisher.
Charles Maurice Parkin Fisher of SackvilleCharles M. P. Fisher (1891-1983) of Sackville, son of W. Shives Fisher and Mabel Shaw. He served in the First World War with the New Brunswick Dragoons as its Adjutant Captain and saw action in France in 1917 and 1918. In the post-war militia he rose to the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel of the New Brunswick Dragoons. He was for many years an executive of the Enterprise Foundry. Credit: Barbara Fisher.
Charles M. P. Fisher family with Trites cousinCharles M. P. Fisher of Sackville, his wife Mary Kathleen Fawcett, their sons Maurice Parkin Fisher (right), Peter Fisher (centre), and their cousin Jack Trites (left). Credit: Maurice P. Fisher.
Children of Charles M. P. Fisher in uniform during wartimeThe children of Charles M. P. and Kathleen (Fawcett) Fisher in military uniform during the Second World War: Peter Fisher (left) in the cadets, Mary Kathleen Fisher (centre) in the Women's Royal Canadian Naval Service, and Maurice Parkin Fisher (right) in the Canadian Army. Credit: Maurice P. Fisher.
Members of the Sackville Fisher family in uniform during wartimeThe Sackville Fisher family in wartime. From viewer's right to left: George Fisher (Royal Canadian Navy), Peter Fisher, Maurice Fisher (Canadian Army), Kathleen Fisher, Dr. George Stewart Cameron, Grace (Fisher) Cameron, and cousin Richard Murray Trites (Royal Canadian Air Force). Credit: Maurice P. Fisher.
Kathleen (Fawcett) Fisher, Dr. George Cameron, Grace (Fisher) CameronGrace Middleton Fisher (1884-1977) was the only daughter of William Shives Fisher and Mabel Shaw of Saint John. She is pictured here on the right with her husband Dr. George Stewart Cameron of Peterborough, Ontario, in the middle. At his side is their sister-in-law Kathleen (Fawcett) Fisher. Credit: Maurice P. Fisher.
George Edward Fisher.jpgGeorge Edward Fisher (1862-1936) of Chatham, New Brunswick, ca. 1900, son of William Fisher and Charity Ann French. Credit: Joan Golding Marien.
George Edward Fisher & family.jpgThe family of George Edward Fisher in the backyard of his home on Waterloo Row in Fredericton in 1935. From left to right are his wife, Kathleen Chipman Connell, and daughters Alice (Fisher) Odland, Kathleen (Fisher) Golding, and Lillian (Fisher) Gallop. Credit: Joan Golding Marien.
Kathleen Fisher Golding wedding day.jpgKathleen Shives Fisher (1897-1991) on her wedding day. She married Kenneth Logan Golding on 27 June 1923 in Chatham, New Brunswick. They lived in a beautiful home, Elmcroft Place, in Fredericton from 1949 to 1964, on the shore of the St. John River near where Lewis Fisher and the loyalists had landed in 1783. Credit: Joan Golding Marien.
Kenneth Logan Golding, RFC, 1917.jpgKenneth Logan Golding in 1917 while a pilot with the Royal Flying Corps in the First World War. Credit: Joan Golding Marien.

Descendants of David Michael Fisher (1828-1906) of New Maryland

David Michael Fisher and dau. Martha Jane Moss.jpgDavid Michael Fisher (1828-1906) of New Maryland, son of Michael Fisher, with his daughter Martha Jane Moss (1864-1892), ca. 1885. Credit: Joan Charters Davis.
Walter Fisher and Jessie McKnight 1900.jpgWalter James Fisher (1870-1955) of New Maryland, son of David Michael Fisher, pictured with his wife Jessie Margery McKnight (1875-1942) and their eldest son Ross McKnight Fisher (1900-1961), ca. 1900 or 1901. Credit: Virginia Fisher.
Walter James Fisher.jpgWalter James Fisher later in life, ca. 1940, then living in Fredericton. In his youth, he was renowned as the "best cook on the waters" in the lumber camps of the Saint John valley. Later he worked in Fredericton for the Canadian Pacific Railway. Credit: Carol Gay.
William H. Fisher & Margaret (Boone) Fisher, April 1896.jpgWilliam Hamilton Fisher (1866-1943) of New Maryland, son of David Michael Fisher, with his wife Margaret Augusta Boone after their marriage in 1896. Credit: Carol Gay.
Dyson Fisher, Chaisson sister, Doug Doherty.jpgDyson Fisher (1906-1969) of Fredericton, son of William Hamilton Fisher, on the left, photographed with his sister-in-law Annette Chiasson and cousin Doug Dougherty. Credit: Carol Gay.
Cedric William Cedric Fisher (1900-1942), known as "Buzz", the son of William Hamilton Fisher and Margaret Augusta Boone of Fredericton. He served in the merchant marine during the Second World War and died when SS Western Head was torpedoed and sunk in 1942 in the Caribbean Sea by a German U-boat. Credit: Douglas Dougherty.
Vivian FisherVivian Fisher, daughter of William Hamilton Fisher and Margaret Augusta Boone of Fredericton. Credit: Douglas Dougherty.
Thomas and Margaret (Fisher) Tumith.jpgMargaret Elizabeth Fisher (1850-1919) of Saint John, daughter of David Michael Fisher, with her husband Thomas Tumith, ca. 1910. Credit: Douglas Dougherty.
Charles F. Fisher & Mary E. Johnston.jpgCharles Frederick Fisher (1859-1933) and Mary Ellen Johnston (1862-1943). They married in 1883 and moved to Anoka, Minnesota in the early 1890s. This photograph, ca. 1894, dates from that period. They returned to New Brunswick before the end of the century and settled on a farm in Rolling Dam, Charlotte County. They had six sons and four daughters. Charles Frederick Fisher was the son of David Michael Fisher (1828-1906) of New Maryland. Credit: Douglas Dougherty.
Charles and Mary Fisher childrenThe children of Charles Frederick and Mary Ellen (Johnston) Fisher, clockwise from top left, Alice (b.1885), Harry (b. 1883), [probably Ruby (b. 1888)], and Chester Richard (b. 1891), ca. 1893. Photograph taken in Anoka, Minnesota by G. D. Francis. Credit: Douglas Dougherty.
Harry Fisher.jpgHenry Raymond Fisher (1883-1915) of Rolling Dam, son of Charles Frederick Fisher. He served in the First World War and died on the Western Front, probably at the Battle of Ypres. Credit: Douglas Dougherty.
Alice Jean (Fisher) Williams, ca. 1915.jpgAlice Jean Fisher (1885-1920), eldest daughter of Charles Frederick Fisher and Mary Ellen Johnston. She moved to San Francisco, California in 1913 and married Thomas S. Williams, a lawyer, there in 1918. She died a few days after giving birth to their only child, Mary Catherine, in 1920. Credit: Douglas Dougherty.
Catherine Williams NyhanMary Catherine Williams (1920-1986), the only daughter of Alice Jean Fisher, above, and Thomas S. Williams of San Francisco. She married Daniel Joseph Nyhan. Credit: Douglas Dougherty.
Ruby and Hazel Fisher.jpgRuby Berla Fisher (1888-1949) of Everett, Massachusetts, and Hazel Pearl Fisher (1896-1967) of St. Stephen, daughters of Charles Frederick Fisher and Mary Ellen Johnston. Ruby Fisher married Walter Joseph Key and later John Douglas Sinclair. Hazel Fisher married Walter George Howland. Credit: Douglas Dougherty.
Ruby Fisher and Walter Key, 1911Ruby Berla Fisher and Walter Joseph Key, her first husband, in Saint John in 1911 about the time of their marriage. Credit: Charles Goodman.
Florence Rosamond Fisher ca. 1930Florence Rosamond Fisher (1910-1996), ca. 1930. She was the daughter of Ruby Berla Fisher but was raised in the home of her grandmother, Mary Ellen (Johnston) Fisher, in Rollingdam. She married William Miller, Frank Denno, and Gary Beebe of Ticonderoga, New York. Credit: Douglas Dougherty.
Charles David Fisher.jpgCharles David Fisher (1893-1917) of Rolling Dam, son of Charles Frederick Fisher. He served in the First World War and died on the Western Front, probably at the Battle of Hill 70. Credit: Douglas Dougherty.
Hazel Fisher anbd Walter HowlandHazel Pearl Fisher (1896-1967) and her husband Walter Howland of St. Stephen, about the time of their marriage in 1917. Credit: Douglas Dougherty.
Jessie Kathryn (Fisher) Dougherty.jpgJessie Kathryn Fisher (1898-1981) of St. Stephen, daughter of Charles Frederick Fisher and Mary Ellen Johnston of Rolling Dam. She married Hazen Lewis Dougherty and they had five children. Credit: Douglas Dougherty.
Royden Johnston Fisher.jpgRoyden Johnston Fisher (1904-1984) of Everett, Massachusetts, son of Charles Frederick Fisher and Mary Ellen Johnston. Credit: Douglas Dougherty.
Douglas Melbourne FisherDouglas Melbourne Fisher (1906-1987), the youngest son of Charles Frederick Fisher and Mary Ellen Johnston. He lived in Rolling Dam and married Margaret Jean Steen. Credit: Douglas Dougherty.
John M. Fisher (1860-1899)John M. Fisher of Cambridge, Massachusetts, who was probably John Moore Fisher (1860-1899), the son of David Michael Fisher and Catherine Moore of New Maryland. This photograph was sent to me by Kathi Cottrell, a descendant. We have not yet proved that her ancestor John M. Fisher, born ca. 1862 in Fredericton and died 2 August 1899 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, was the son of David M. Fisher who was named John Moore Fisher and was born in 1860 and died 2 August 1899, but it seems very likely. Credit: Kathryn Fisher Cottrell.

Descendants of Lewis Fisher (1827-1897) of New Maryland

Lewis Fisher of New Maryland portrait, ca. 1880b.jpgLewis Fisher (1827-1897) of New Maryland, son of Henry and Rebecca Fisher. He farmed in New Maryland and was its postmaster. He also served on the County Council and was a Justice of the Peace. The home he built in 1871 is still standing in New Maryland. Credit: Elizabeth Morrison.
Elizabeth (Moore) FisherElizabeth Moore (1830-1918), wife of Lewis Fisher and daughter of John and Margaret (Irwin) Moore. This image was scanned from a tintype. She is not as old as she appears to be in it at first glance! It probably dates from the 1860s. Credit: Elizabeth Morrison.
Elizabeth and Matilda FisherMargaret Elizabeth Fisher (1852-1893) and Matilda Fisher (1858-1879), seated, eldest daughters of Lewis and Elizabeth (Moore) Fisher of New Maryland, ca. 1878. Credit: Elizabeth Morrison.
[John Fletcher and M. Elizabeth Fisher]Unidentified photograph but possibly Margaret Elizabeth Fisher (seen above) and her husband John Armstrong Fletcher of New Maryland, ca. 1880s. Credit: Elizabeth Morrison.
William Hamilton and Emily FisherEmily Fisher (1869-1904), daughter of Lewis and Elizabeth (Moore) Fisher, and her brother-in-law William Arthur Hamilton, widower of her sister Amelia Fisher (1864-1890), photograph ca. 1895. Emily Fisher married William Elwood Kirk in 1897. Credit: Elizabeth Morrison.
Arthur and Bessie HamiltonThe children of William Arthur and Amelia (Fisher) Hamilton: Arthur Hamilton (1887-1953) and Bessie Hamilton (b. 1888), taken ca. 1890 by John Harvey studio in Fredericton. Credit: Elizabeth Morrison.

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